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Just wanted to let everyone know I'm once again accepting commissions. If you're interested either send me an email at or send me a note here at DA.

Single character, no background start at $40, additional characters will raise price Example

One Character color, with background start at $100. Additional characters raises price   Example

Prices vary based upon complexity of images.  I accept paypal only.  Payment is due upon approval of rough sketch.  Once the piece is completed any major changes (such as wanting a different pose or entirely different clothing) than what was originally approved upon may result in additional charges. You will receive a digital image of the piece for personal use. These are the prices for personal commissions only and are not for commercial use.

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I know I've been a bit MIA lately and I apologize.  I just finished up a big project illustrating the Grand Rapids Public Library's Annual Report, which can be found here.  I'm also in Grad school at the moment for library science, working so I don't starve or become destitute, and trying to squeeze in designing more votive candles for Banana Leviathan.  On top of that my Intuous5 is broken (I think its the power cable) so that has made things a bit difficult.  I've got some WIP so once I get my tablet fixed I should have some new stuff up.  

Anyway, onto the prints.  I currently have some left over prints from a convention and I'm offering them up for sale.

They're $15 each and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. PayPal only. If you're interested email me at with your choice. Prints are 8x16 inches.

There are currently the following

4 Princess Peach
4 Zelda
5 Rose Tyler

I will update this post when I've run out of prints.   If I have a large amount of interest in prints I'll see about having more printed.  If you are interested in seeing prints made available of my other pieces leave a comment.
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I know I haven't been updating much lately, but life has been a bit hectic. I've been busy with classes, working on new candle designs, and I've just acquired a pretty in-depth freelance job.  I'm not sure how much I'll be posting here, though any new candle designs will make their way here. In other unfortunate news I won't be able to open up commissions like I planned, but I'm hoping to make some prints available for purchase soon.

In the candle news we had an amazing mention on Geekologie.  Currently Banana Leviathan has 5 different candles (Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Weighted Companion Cube, Katniss Everdeen, and Bad Wolf) and the Daryl Dixon candle should be available sometime next week.  Candles are $10 + shipping in case anyone is looking for holiday gift ideas!

I'm currently working on a Sailor Moon candle design and will be tackling Sherlock after that.  Please sound off in the comments about other designs you're interested in seeing.

Banana Leviathan Etsy Shop
Banana Leviathan on Facebook
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I'll be at Youmacon this weekend, so make sure to stop by artist alley and hunt me down.  I'll be listed under Banana Leviathan and there will be a Mini-TARDIS at my table to help identify us.  The TARDIS will be filled with our Rose Tyler devotional candles (picture coming soon).  We'll be selling geeky devotional candles, prints, and buttons and I'll be doing some sketches while there.  

Candles- $10

Hope to see you there!

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Like Banana Leviathan on Facebook and enter to win a free geeky devotional candle of your choice! Check out our facebook or etsy pages to see all of our candle options!

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Yesterday I officially opened a Society6 shop to start selling prints. Please take a look.  If you are interested in prints of specific pieces please let me know and I see about making them available.   If you are interested in prints of my recent art nouveau inspired pieces they can be found here "Everything Comes to Dust' should be available as a print within the next couple of days.  Don't forget this series is also available as Devotional Candles over on etsy!…

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For the past couple of months you may have noticed a rash of art nouveau inspired drawings.  Well, now the project is finally being revealed.  We'll be continuing to create geeky votive candles and are always open to suggests on what you would like to see.  Currently only pre-order is available. Prints may also be made available in the future depending upon demand.

Check out our… Etsy and our… facebook page.
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I officially have started grad school and I'm working on a big art project right now, so I'm closing commissions until further notice. I hope to be able to open them up again in October, but as I mentioned before I'm going to Youmacon in November.  This means I'll likely be busy getting ready for that in Oct. but fingers crossed I'll have time for some commissions.
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So this journal entry is a mix of good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news- I've officially started grad school which means I won't have as much free time as before.  What does this mean? This means I won't be consistently taking commissions.  Currently my workload isn't too bad, so they're still open however expect them to close down around October (midterms).  

On to the good news.  I'll be going to youmacon this year selling art as well as other goodies while doing con sketches.  It's going to be my first convention, so it should be exciting. If anyone has tips on surviving artist alley feel free to send them my way!

As always I encourage you to check out my tumblr.  I post sketches there that never make it onto DA and I'm more likely to answer questions via tumblr than here (I tend to get less comments there so its easier to maintain).  

Until next time I bid you adieu



Commission Status: Open
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I haven't posted a new entry since I returned from my trip so I deemed it time to do so.  In current news I've recently purchased a new Intuos5 (it's brilliant) and so you'll probably see an influx of new digital work from me.  I just finished watching the second season of Game of Thrones, which was amazing and can't wait for next season.  I'm also going to be starting grad school in the fall which means I'm going to have less time on my hands.  As such if you're interested in commissions hit me up now, because come the end of August I will be shutting them down.  

Basic, one character, no or minimal background, commissions start at $45 ($15 per extra character in an image)  If you are looking for something more elaborate send me a note of email me and I'll give you a quote.  I also still have some pieces up on Etsy  and prints, t-shirts, ipod cases, etc are available at Red Bubble

Commission status: Open
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is not very epic.  I had a wonderful 2 week vacation where I fell in love with Scotland and never wanted to leave.  Unfortunately I didn't find any attractive Scottishmen to fall in love with and marry so I had to return to the states.  I'm accepting commissions again, so if you're interested send me a note or email me(preferred) at  I'm not sure how much I'll be posting on here but I've been doing sketches over at my tumblr if you're interested.

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On April 1st I'm running off to the UK for 2 weeks and I'll have limited internet access.  I'm closing my commissions for now and I'll start accepting them again on April 20th.  Also if you send me a question I probably won't be answering it right away.  I'll try to answer my messages upon my return, but it may take a while. If you curious about my adventures I'll probably post a few things here and there during the trip to my tumblr since I have the ipod app.  My tumblr can be found here

In other news who is excited to see The Hunger Games?  I've already got my midnight tickets!

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Some of you may know the Cute Monsters contest is going on right now.  While I'm not submitting anything my good friend Matt has some great designs up. I usually don't promote these things, but his stuff if pretty great and like I said, good friend.  

Go check it out, vote for it, favorite it asap…
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It's recently come to my attention that I've been neglecting my DA account to some extent.  I'm always drawing and posting new things over on my tumblr, but very few of them end up here on DA.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone uses tumblr… those who don't may look at my account here and think me very lazy and that I don't draw enough.  Well,  you can never draw enough, but I promise I really am working on stuff.  I try not to post quick sketches and doodles over here, I want my DA account to house my finished works.

For those Hunger Games fans out there I'm going to be doing a piece that will be raffled off at The Hob's charity event.  They're partnering wit WhyHunger? to coincide with the movie release.  Go here for more info… .  I'll post the finished piece here afterwards.  

That's what I'm up to at the moment and I hope to post more here soon.
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In order to get myself drawing more I'm allowing people to submit, 1 to 3 word drawing prompts over on my tumblr .  You can send a prompt to my askbox and I will pick one prompt per day to sketch or possibly draw a more advanced piece of.  These are not commissions, so don't send me anything too detailed.

Please Send prompts like these:

Demon Cat


Alien Planet

DO NOT send prompts like this:

Bella and Edward sitting in a field staring into each others eyes and sparkling.

My character! she has green eyes and wears pink tutus.

You guys get the gist.  Anyway, this is tumblr exclusive so no requests here, but you can hit up my askbox on tumblr.
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In the past I've had lots of people asking me to do a tutorial on how I draw.  Well, I'm finally obliging with this very rough tutorial where I draw a head shot of Katniss Everdeen. I will possibly due better tutorials in the future, so let me know what questions you would like answered about how I draw/color/etc.
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If you haven't seen my Doctor Who themed Christmas cards yet, then click here-ish… .  If you have seen them and liked them then you should head over to my tumblr .  I've got a few extra and decided I'll be giving those away, mostly likely with a quick drawing inside them.  Just follow the directions and one of them could be yours.  

If you want more than one then you can purchase them over at my redbubble page…
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Now that the holiday season has actually begun, I find myself increasingly lacking funds.  In order to help afford presents for my loved one's this year I'm selling a bunch of drawings on etsy and have even discounted some that have been up for awhile.  Also if you purchase you'll receive a bonus Back to the Tardis… sticker!  I'm also open for commissions at the moment so feel free to send me a note if you're interested.
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I believe I mentioned before that in addition to doing illustration work I'm also a library assistant.  All day today my library is doing a Facebook Readers Advisory challenge.  What is this?  Basically you give us some parameters to work with and we'll give you some good book recommendations.  We've got people manning the FB page all day, but my shift on recommends is 1-3 EST.  I've had a lot of people ask me for recommendations on DA before so I figured I would promote this.  

Got to: Grand Rapids Public Library's Facebook Page  

Post on our wall and we'll fire back with a recommendation
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